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1. Which of the following is an option given in the First Steps application that runs automatically after
A.Start the server.
B.Execute wsadmin.
C.Configure resources.
D.Run the Snoop servlet.
2. Which one of the following can be used to instantiate resource adapter classes for establishing and
maintaining resource connections?
A.a data source
B.connection factories
C.connection pool settings
D.a JMS activation specification
3. Global security is turned on for a federated cell using a file-based federated repository. The
administrator created a new security domain called App1Domain using local operating system registry
and mapping it to the application server. The administrator also created a new local operating system
user ID App1Admin.
Which one of the following is true when the new security domain is enabled to secure Application1?
A.The administrator can access Application1.
B.The administrator can disable Application1 security.
C.App1Admin can disable Application1 security.
D.App1Admin can access the administrative console.
4. Aside from the administrative console and the addNode command, what other facilities does
WebSphere Application Server provide for federating nodes into cells?
B.The administrative agent
C.The Profile Management Tool (PMT)
D.Rational Application Developer Assembly and Deploy Module
5. When backing up WebSphere Application Server configuration and runtime settings, which of the following commands would be relevant?
A.backupConfig -location location
B.restoreConfig -profileName profile_name -backupFile backupFile_name
C.manageprofiles -backupProfile -profileName profile_name -backupFile backupFile_name
D.wsadmin -backupConfig -profileName profile_name -backupFile backupFile_name
6. What can the system administrator do to distribute incoming HTTP traffic across a farm of Web servers?
A.Enable server affinity for each HTTP server in the cluster
B.Implement the Tivoli Access Manager as a load balancer
C.Implement the caching proxy server component of the Edge Components
D.Use the Load Balancer component of the Edge Components
7. What is the sequence of components which would typically be involved in the flow of a request from a
Web browser to a servlet?
A.External HTTP Server, HTTP Server Plug-in and EJB Container
B.Load Balancer, Embedded HTTP Server, HTTP Server Plug-in and Web Container
C.Edge Component, HTTP Server Plug-in, external HTTP Server, and Web Container
D.External HTTP Server, HTTP Server Plug-in, embedded HTTP Server and Web Container
8. How could an administrator manage multiple stand-alone application servers on different hosts in a
By using:
A.a job manager which administers multiple application server nodes through administrative agents.
B.a deployment manager which administers multiple application server nodes through their node agents.
C.a high availability manager which administers multiple application server nodes through their
administrative agents. administrative agent which administers multiple application server nodes through their
administrative service.

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