I must find techical school

My name is Marijana and I am from Belgrade, Serbia and I would like to ask if you could help me.
I am working as a professor in secondary engineering school –Technical school Zeleznik- Belgrade.
I am going to visit IHM fair in Munich from 8th -13th of March.
Reason of my interest is to see how look like German secondary schools and scholastic system (especially Fachschule für Maschinenbau). If it possible, I would like to visit some German school in Munich, I would like to meet some colleagues and to exchange ideas with them about improvement of educational system in our school. In that way, would you be so kind to send me some contacts, emails, links of that kind of schools, so that I could contact them before my arriving in Munich. If you are part of this kind of school please contact me. I have good lesson that I can offer you or your students – Grinding of cylinder external surfaces. - (pps format). If you want you can see this lesson on this internet address: http://www.zuov.sr.gov.yu/Radovi/spoljasnje cilindricno brusenje.pps, but in Serbian version, but I can offer you and your students in English.
I might visit you and your school and teach your students if you want on Monday 12th or Thursday 13th of March ..
For any additional information and questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Master of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade
Email: mmmmp@verat.net
AW: I must find techical school

Hi Marijana,

take a look into the list of schools.


There you will find many adresses, which may help you. Fill in "München" into the form at "PLZ/Ort:" (PLZ ist the postal code, you don't need that) and then look, which schools you get.

Best regards, Flachköpper
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AW: I must find techical school

Hi Marijana,

our school is a secondary school in Berlin. We teach medical technology in a Technical school.

You are welcome to visite our school.

You can contact me. I am teacher for medical technology and precision engineering.

Greetings from Berlin and

Bodo Maschmann
AW: I must find techical school

Dear friend,
Thank you invited me. I am sorry, but I can not visit you this time. I stay to short in Munich. This time Berlin is too far for me.
I promise I will come and visit you next time when I come to Germany. Now I must find school in Munich, or nearby Munich. If you know anyone who works in that kind of school in Munich please inform me.
Anyway thanks again,
AW: I must find techical school

Hi Marijana,

you are welcome to visite Berlin and the great IT-school OSZIMT everytime!

Have a good and successful time in Munich.


I think you have to learn german if you want to teach pupils in a german school. Can you speak german? I know a privat engineering school in bavaria it´s called Dr. Robert Eckert Schulen Regenstauf.

AW: I must find techical school

Thank you for all answers. I think it is the time when we can close this theme. I have got answers that I need. I don’t know procedure of closing theme, so please contact administrator, or who ever and close this theme.
Thanks again,