ADBS alarmserver von Bircher AG

Ich müss ein PC züruck installieren und benötig die ADBS alarm server von Bircher AG. Dieses software exportiert die alarmen aus InTouch 7.0 von Wonderware nach eine Access database (über IDEA).

Könnte jemand mir hilfen die software zu finden das ich die Alarm Database Server züruck installieren könnte?

Vielen dank,
Hi Ronny,
I am currently involved in a project that includes a migration from Intouch v7.11 which applications manage their alarms using DBSA alarmserver Birger AG.
While searching for information on DBSA alarmserver I read your post and I was wondering if you could give me some information on this subject.

Grateful for your attention and time.

Best Regards
Hallo Liquido,
I didn't found the software. Even I send mails to the developer but didn't get any reaction. So I used the standard alarming from InTouch and didn't use the functionality of the DBSA server anymore.
Best regards.